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Having extensive experience in manufacturing, we can convert and repair your old fur like changing size, shortening, changing collar, changing sleeves, changing lining etc. We suggest many interesting new models from our rich collection in order to partially or fully renovate your old fur.

Additionally, our atelier has the knowledge to create sur mesure a new fur for you that will satisfy your needs and will absolutely meet your expectations.

We also have the knowledge to convert and repair all leather clothes and also manufacture new ones from the leather you will decide.


1.why should I remake my old fur?

Because fur is a material of high value and it 100% worths giving a new up to date style to your fur. much does it cost to remake my old fur?

Since you own the material, you only pay for the service and according to what we mutually decide to do on your fur the equivalent cost is calculated

3.why should I repair my leather overcoat?

Because with few interventions and really low cost we can refresh your leather overcoat and it wont be necessary for you to buy a new one.



Large collection in ready to wear women and men leather clothes in top quality. you can also order the leather clothe you are dreaming of in any color you wish!


“Inside our shop you will always find special offers in women and men leather jackets from 89E-299E”